8 Signs You Are Bad In Bed

//8 Signs You Are Bad In Bed

8 Signs You Are Bad In Bed

Being great in bed is just one of the main factors that make the sex life on its track as always. Men, as the driver of the relationship, believe that they’re really good in bed and that made their partner satisfied with their actions between the sheets.

Hence, at some point, it is really hard to identify on how you become so terrible in bed at times that your partner tend to look up for more chances or ways of how you will satisfy them more. Being a sore in bed to your partner is a big dilemma and of course a threat to your relationship.

Moreover, you need to assess yourself like asking “How good am I in bed?” or “Am I bad in bed?” these form of self-assessment will help you find out the problem. However, this article will help you identify if you really suck in the sheets.

  • You are a Bad Kisser.

Kissing really alleviates the essence of building a good rapport in bed. Hence, if you are not a good kisser, then probably your partner might get disappointed as you giving in the pleasure to her. Magnificent sex includes a magnificent kiss. Kiss should be in sync with the sexy movements you are giving in the sex acts.

  • You can’t cum over.

It is indeed a big problem if you can’t cum in just a horny act. You are having a hard time to give your partner a satisfying sex because you can’t outburst the ejaculation. It is difficult for you to make your penis hard and make her wet.

  • You have no rhythm.

In making a wild sex, you’ve got to be a good dancer. Add the best groove and perfect rhythm in doing sex. Likewise, you need to listen to the melody of the music you’re dripping in so that you will have good and smooth movements as you form a deep penetration to your partner. Hence, if you’ve got no rhythm in the middle of making love or can’t even find the perfect sound patterns with your partner, then probably you have a problem.

  • Your partner never initiates conversation.

This is one of the signs of being a bed sore during sex. You have to deal with making it up to your partner after a long day you have. The connotation of not being interested in you or not having the energy to learn anything about you is just another story of not having a good rapport in bed with you or not being satisfied to what you can offer.

  • You never give a compliment.

As the sex goes by, you never tell your partner how good or how superb her performance is. Your partner might think that she’s not good in satisfying you with his sexy acts. Disappointment might come along the way and the positive ambiance between you and your partner might ruin the romantic ambiance both of you trying to build.

  • You give your partner the same routine.

It is somehow difficult to sustain the spark in the relationship. However, keeping the same routine will definitely be a suck in the ass if changes don’t occur. Likewise, the chance of taking up the routine to the next level should be practiced. Instead of doing the same routine in a bed, try to elevate this to something new. Surely, your partner will be surprised about this.

  • You give your partner a backache or leave them injured.

Being intimate in the bedroom should be spicy and passionate but not that so painful to the point that you give your partner a backache or injuries. Move smoothly and spontaneously. You’ve got to remember the rhythm of your body to your partner’s.

In sustaining a relationship, you need to find a partner that is compatible to you and your needs. Moreover, compatibility in physical and emotional aspect is important which entails good intellect and form of conversation. Likewise, intimacy is another important recipe for a relationship.

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