6 Oral Sex Mistakes You Should Avoid

//6 Oral Sex Mistakes You Should Avoid

6 Oral Sex Mistakes You Should Avoid

One of the major actions that you take when you do any sensual activities or giving pleasure to your partner is Oral sex. Dealing with it is just one factor that you can hang on with your partner. Moreover, the act of sensation brings impact to the whole action. However, there are times that you did not do it right so it becomes a disaster. In fact, the pleasure you are trying to give in to your partner totally wrecked the G-spot because of not hitting up the main focus for the climax.

Moreover, the scenario of having your partner lies on the bed, chances or opportunity of accessing her body is the sign that she’s extremely hot in giving you hint about what she wants you to do. Here are some oral sex mistakes that you should avoid in order to have on point views about giving oral sex to your partner:

Rushing Things

Everything will not have a perfect output if it’s done in the fastest way ever. These things like oral sex are just a one-by-one step on how you can give in pleasure for this matter. Giving foreplay then going down to her womanhood in just one snap is not good for her. She might be annoyed or somehow stop giving sensation if you did not hit the spot for the climax. You need to follow the law of rhythm in order for you to find the sneak peak of her vagina or (even in the penis). Just remember the pattern itself—slow, gently slow, then when you feel the hot sensation and you think your partner is about to reach the climax then it’s time to take force.

Forgetting To Put Varieties During Show Off

Putting varieties in all aspects is a one hit combo for it is a crucial technique of oral sex. Perfect in a sense that you will not hang up or hang loose in doing it. Being creative and innovative in this kind of aspect is good. But you must learn how to put variations and other ways of grabbing your partner’s ass. Doing blowjob or eating the womanhood in different manner or speed will help you spill out the perfect feeling and sensation.

Lack Of Exploration

This aspect is a big “NO” in oral sex. Exploring the whole body helps a lot during the moment. Give and take is part of the rule. Likewise, in dealing with exploration, you need to memorize every part of the body. Also, you need to take the opportunity of maximizing every part of it. From there, if you don’t learn how to explore, then you might be in trouble.

Changing Positions When Your Partner Is About To Explode

Of course, this part is not a good idea in dealing with oral sex. You might ruin the act of penetration and sensation if you change position too quickly. Take time and savor the moment. You need to be patient and sensitive in pleasuring your partner.

Leaving Your Creativity Behind

Intensely, it is a must that you must bring in your creativity on track. You can never fulfil a one sex act if one position or one type of ways will hold on while pleasure is at the highest peak of time. Pleasuring women through massaging the clit using the tongue or a blow job for men is just one way on how you can give the outburst feeling to your partner, but you can add a little bit of trick like doing it up in a different position or in a different place. Try to experiment. Don’t limit yourself to a one-act.


The fact of not having a connection to your partner is one way of telling that you are not interested anymore. Indeed, the satisfaction that your partner is giving you is not enough. You must know every movement of the body, the breathing pattern and the one shut pick. You need to give impact and never detach so you can go on with the pleasure.

Therefore, the target of the oral sex can define how good you are in the bedroom. It may have different aspects or turning point but then, you must know how to create a good turn on acts that will surely avoid you to mistakes of oral sex.

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