Review: Pure for Men


First of all, I normally don’t make reviews on products as I do not take hardly any supplements except on occasion. However, I heard about Pure for Men and I thought “What could it hurt?”

Essentially Pure for men is a dietary supplement that helps you stay clean while you’re getting pounded (Much like douching) but much less complicated.

PURE_FOR_MEN_3925-PSYLLIUM_CHIA_FLAX_120CT_Angle6Now, I must say it doesn’t just happen over night. You definetly need to take this supplement as directed on the packaging which is 2-3 capsules twice daily with 16 ounces of water to see any results.

As for me, It took about a week to see how great this product can really be. Okay, So I have done porn and definitely that is always my worst nightmare on set. So typically I would starve myself a little the night before and definitely not eat much of anything the day of unless it was directly before. With Pure for Men I had a “security blanket” if you will… I didn’t stress the whole time about it and it turned into probably the best sex I have had in my life. It’s amazing to just let go and not have to worry and just knowing everything will be fine.

Will I stop douching? No, probably not… As I just all around prefer to be ‘Nice and Fresh’ but this product will add so much confidence to my life on set and my personal sexual performance.

So, thank you Pure for Men for that added fearlessness in the bedroom 😉


If you would like to try Pure for Men make sure to checkout their website here






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