Hooker Stories 3: Money Well Spent


Title:  Hooker Stories 3 Episode 4: Money Well Spent!

Studio:  NakedSword Originals

Stars:  Bray Love, Mickey Taylor, Sebastian Kross

Director:  mr. Pam

Description:  San Francisco techies are hot, rich and sometimes like to hire a hooker to fulfill their fantasies like (Falcon Exclusive) Sebastian Kross. Kross hires Bray Love to come over, confessing he’s always wanted two guys to suck his dick at the same time. Bray calls in his reliable buddy Mickey Taylor and they arrive ready to make dreams come true. The gorgeous threesome gets right down to business pulling a cock sucking train before Bray and Mickey both worship’s Sebastian’s huge cock. The muscular stud gets off on it and goes down with Bray to suck Mickey’s giant tattooed dick. The cock sucking and ass eating continues until Sebastian can’t stand it any longer. He plows into Mickey’s asshole while Bray swings his dick around allowing both guys to suck him off. Next it’s Bray’s turn and another fantasy comes to life – Mickey’s first double penetration! Bray shoves his massive meat into Mickey’s hungry hole, followed by Sebastian who slides his hefty monster right alongside. The freeway train continues until all of them shoot their loads in each other’s mouths – now that’s money well spent!

Themes:  Big DIcks, Muscles

Production Date:  9/1/2015

Publication Date:  9/30/2015







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