Hooker Stories 3

Hooker Stories 3


Title:  Hooker Stories 3 Episode 1: Stay For More

Studio: NakedSword Originals

Stars:  Bray Love, Mickey Taylor

Director:  mr. Pam

Description:  Mickey Taylor gets a call from a guy requesting two escorts at once so Mickey calls his new friend Bray Love. Both hookers expertly service their client but the whole time they can’t take their eyes off each other. At the end of the hour the client pays and leaves – but Bray stays. The tattooed young studs dive on each other’s hard cocks. Mickey shows off his deep throat skills then shoves his giant tool in Bray’s ass. He fucks him doggy-style and flying squirrel-style, hanging off the frame of his covered bed. They fall in a heap where Bray flips the switch and fucks Mickey’s bubble butt until he shoots a huge load that flies over his head. Bray hops up on Mickey’s chest and shoots his load in Mickey’s open mouth. Now that’s a happy ending!

Themes:  Big Dicks, Muscles

Production Date:  9/1/2015

Publication Date:  9/9/2015


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