Cum Junkies



About: Four humpy cock suckers take on 15 dudes — and each other. Cooperation is the order of the day in this tearoom, as one sucker will move out of the way for another, two take on one top, and two tops work one mouth at the same time. When a cock slips through the gloryhole, a scruffy sucker says, “oh yeah” and swallows it down until it blows jizz on his tongue and floods his mouth. Cute blond boy spills all over his fellator’s face, who just scoops it up and licks his fingers



Dillion Riggs



Bray Love

Brandon Riggs

Trevor Rollins

Jacob Daily

Eric Michaels

Bullet Davis

Josh Myers

Aaron Burner

Deric McCoy

Michael Kipnis

Cassidy Hayes

Denny Smithson

Cody Miers

Evan Stevens

Kaden Carr

Tony Knight


Running Time:   108 minutes

Released:   03/2012
Director:   Viper 

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